About Us

Toot Sweet Toys, Inc. was founded by Penny Ekstein-Lieberman, a highly successful product inventor and developer who holds over twenty patents for dolls and toys. Penny has been developing exciting educational, fun filled plush toys and dolls for over twenty years.

Penny is the inventor of the first pillow doll, which was designed to alleviate children's nighttime fears. Her PILLOW PEOPLE pillow dolls were a hit product and led to the development of the first Juvenile Market for the home furnishings industry.  Developed to help her own children cope with bedtime worries, PILLOW PEOPLE replaced the security blanket and helped millions of children overcome their fear of the dark.  PILLOW PEOPLE was a huge success, with over $260 million in licensed products sold worldwide. PILLOW PEOPLE also made appearances in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and became stars of their own syndicated television special “Pillow People Saves Christmas" which aired for over ten years. 

Penny has worked with manufacturers to create over thirty children's products, bringing learning and fun to millions of children around the world. Her current products include MASKS 'N PALS, PILLOW PEOPLE, Peek-A-Boo Zoo plush toys, and many more. She is also working on a new children's animated series for PILLOW PEOPLE.